Robotic surgery in Digestive Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery one of the newest technology in Indonesia. Compared to open procedure, robotic assisted surgery is minimally invasive which means instead of the usual open surgery where the patient will have huge incision. Robotic-assisted surgery only needed four small incisions (around two to three cm). While laparoscopy have similar four incisions, the robotic have more advantages that it can perform complex and small spaces better because it possess six degree of freedom.

There are several procedures can be done with robotic surgery:

– Hernia repair
– Bariatric surgery
– Lower anterior resection (removal of the rectum usually due to rectal cancer)
– Colectomy (removal of the large intestine usually due to cancer)
– Rectopexy (for rectal/pelvic organ prolapse)
– Acid reflux disease surgery (nissen fundoplication)
– Stomach surgery (gastrectomy)
– Pancreas surgery (pancreatectomy and pancreaticoduodenectomy/Whipple procedure)
– Small bowel surgery
– Spleen surgery (splenectomy)

There are several benefit doing robotic surgery compared to other type of surgery:

– Reduce blood loss during surgery,
– Reduce infection risk,
– Faster recovery time,
– Smaller incision,
– Reduce hospital stay,
– Less pain post surgery.

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